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Why Should I Visit Fourni?

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Fourni at a glance

One of the last untouched paradises in the Aegean, this tiny cluster of islands (Fourni and Thymaina) and ten uninhabited islets between Ikaria and Samos will take your breath away with its dazzling beauty.

For centuries a legendary pirate haven, the island of Fourni itself is an ideal base for exploring the whole enchanting archipelago, with its rocky reefs, fjord-like inlets, and crenelated coastlines.

As part of the Natura 2000 network, it is also marine ecosystem of rare biodiversity and a true paradise for nature lovers, sailors and divers.

An island of fishermen and beekeepers, Fourni offers an unforgettable experience for alternative holidays, combining exotic beaches, delicious seafood and an unhurried sense of time.

5 reasons to visit Fourni
  1. Book a ferry ticket to Fourni to discover the “Polynesia of the Aegean”, a unique landscape of exotic natural beauty with fabulous fjords, crenelated coastlines and secret channels.
  2. To explore the ancient Roman marble quarry in Petrokopio Bay. The impressive archaeological site is scattered with unfinished architectural members of various shapes and sizes (including an archaic Ionic capital and drums of columns). According to legend, blocks of marble from here were used to build the monuments in neighbouring Ancient Ephesus.
  3. To wander the picturesque cobbled streets of Fourni Town with its mulberry trees and low white houses with blue shutters. Be sure to stop at the main square with the impressive marble sarcophagus (dating from Roman times), dominated by a giant plane tree. Sit in its shade at one of the traditional cafes and order a coffee accompanied by something irresistibly sweet and homemade.
  4. To make a day trip to the idyllic island of Thymaina, where you can swim at the magnificent Keramidou Beach and enjoy delicious seafood in its fish tavernas. Make a stop at the chapel of Saint Demetrius, which has a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
  5. To enjoy romantic walks around Chrysomilia, one of the most picturesque fishing villages in the Aegean, built in tiers up the hillside.
The top 5 beaches

Kampi: One of Fourni’s most popular beaches, with fine sand, large pebbles and shady tamarisk trees. Its crystal-clear emerald waters are always calm, as the bay is semi-enclosed. There are good facilities, including umbrellas, sunbeds and tavernas.

Chrysomilia: One of the most beautiful beaches on Fourni, with fine sand and shallow waters, on the north side of the island. The fishing village from which the beach takes its name is one of the most picturesque in the Aegean, with excellent seafood tavernas.

Petrokopio: A long stretch of shingle with only a little sand and views of the ancient quarries. White rocks that come down to the sea split the shore into three small beaches with emerald waters, creating a unique setting.

Psili Ammos: Book a ferry ticket and visit a popular beach with clear blue waters and good amenities, including sunbeds, umbrellas, and a platform for diving off. As night falls, the chilled-out musical selections from the all-day beach bar give way to throbbing dance music.

Kasidi: One of the island’s most exotic beaches, perfect for lovers of quiet and seclusion, has a large expanse of white sand and crystal-clear blue-green waters.

Don’t leave Fourni without…
  • Climbing the 180-metre-high St. George’s Hill to see the scattered inscriptions from the ancient Korseia acropolis, as well as the impressive views of Fourni, Thymaina and the islet of Alatsonisi.
  • Making a stop on the hillside with the three windmills above the beautiful Kampi Bay to admire its emerald waters.
  • Τaking a boat trip around the archipelago to explore one of the most important habitats in the Mediterranean, which is part of the Natura 2000 network.
  • Diving down to explore the remains of some ancient dwellings on the seabed at Kamari Beach.
  • Visiting the beautiful archaeological site on the hill of Agia Triada in Chrysomilia. The area is scattered with the marble remains of a Hellenistic tower and a temple of Poseidon.
  • Walking in the magnificent landscape of Koumara, an area verdant with ​​pine trees and Greek strawberry trees, where the 18th-century church of the Evangelistria, the oldest on the island, stands.
Tasty Experiences
  • The island of Fourni is famous for its seafood and plentiful fresh fish such as sea bream, sea bass and dentex). Sit at a harbourside taverna or restaurant to enjoy charcoal-grilled shrimp and octopus, sea squirts, flying squid, mussels, smooth clams, aromatic chowder, and of course the famous lobster linguine.
  • Be sure to try goat stuffed with rice, fennel and other herbs, one of the most characteristic local specialities.
  • Enjoy the island’s favourite mezes such as karivoli (snails), favatopitakia (pies made with split-pea puree), koukoumavla (bread with salt and oil), ospria pandremena (rice with beans, chickpeas and lentils), soufiko (a medley of vegetables) and pougakia (little pastry “purses” filled with fennel and soft mizithra cheese).
  • Cool off with a glass of the local aromatic orangeade.
  • Try the much-sought-after Fourni honey, which owes its special taste to the island’s herbs (thyme, savory and sage).
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with traditional cookies and fruit preserves.
  • If you are at a village festival, try the traditional braised goat in tomato sauce (kokkinisto).
  • Don’t miss the delicious goat’s cheese and especially the mizithra, the culinary trademark of Fourni.

During the Middle Ages, Fourni was legendary as a stronghold of the pirates that roamed the Aegean, thanks to its numerous coves and inlets where their ships were able to anchor undetected. During this period, the archipelago became known as the “Corsair Islands”.


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