Info - Cargo

All ships have closed circuit televisions monitoring the garage for damage or accident prevention.

Also, for better service to the refrigerated trucks, there are electrical sockets of 380 Volts, as it is not permitted to use autonomous refrigeration mechanisms in the garage area during the voyage.

The Cargo Department at the Company's headquarters, must be informed in time of the transportation of special cargo.

A cargo is considered special when:
a) the height of the truck exceeds 4 meters.
b) the width of the truck exceeds 2.5 meters.
c) the total weight of the truck and its cargo exceeds 40 tons.
d) it is loaded with cargo, which is exceptionally transfered with Passenger-Car vessels, under P.D. 405.

Building and agricultural machinery are transported only if they have the specifically required wheels. In all other cases, they must be loaded on the proper transportation vehicles (platforms).

The price will be agreed upon, once a fax or e-mail of the specific requirements of the freight has been sent to the Company's Cargo Department.

The Company reserves the right to refuse the transportation of a truck carrying special cargo, if the shipper and/or the transporter do not comply with all necessary prerequisites for the transportation of the truck and, if the cargo is hazardous to the public health or dangerous for the safety of the ship and the passengers.