We inform you that from 13/01/20-17/01/20, our itineraries will change as follows:

12/01/20 SUNDAY: from Kavala 22:45 to Lemnos 01:50-02:10 (next day), Mytilene 06:15-07:00, Chios 09:15-09:35, Vathy (Samos) 12:10-12:50, Karlovassi (Samos) 13:30-13:50, Fourni 14:35-14:45, Evdilos (Ikaria) 15:40-16:05, Mykonos 18:10-18:20, Syros 19:05-19:15, Piraeus 22:50.
13/01/20 MONDAY: F/B NISSOS MYKONOS (instead of F/B NISSOS CHIOS) from Piraeus 23:00 to Syros 02:45-03:00 (next day), Mykonos 03:50-04:05, Evdilos (Ikaria) 06:20-06:45, Karlovassi (Samos) 08:00-08:20, Vathy (Samos) 09:00-09:30, Karlovassi (Samos) 10:10-10:30, Evdilos (Ikaria) 11:45-12:05, Mykonos 14:15-14:25, Syros 15:15-15:45, Piraeus 19:30.
14/01/20 TUESDAY: from Piraeus 23:00 to Syros 02:45-03:00 (15/01/20), Mykonos 03:50-04:05, Ag. Kirykos (Ikaria) 06:20-06:45, Fourni 07:15-07:25, Karlovassi (Samos) 08:15-08:35, Vathy (Samos) 09:15-10:00, Chios 12:45-13:05, Mytilene 15:30-16:30, Ag. Efstratios 20:30-20:40, Lemnos 21:30-21:50, Kavala 01:05 (16/01/20).
16/01/20 THURSDAY: from Kavala 04:30 to Lemnos 07:45-08:05, Ag. Efstratios 09:00-09:10 Mytilene 13:10-14:00, Chios 16:25-16:40, Vathy (Samos) 19:25-20:10, Karlovassi (Samos) 20:50-21:15, Fourni 22:05-22:15, Ag. Kirykos (Ikaria) 22:45-23:05, Mykonos 01:20-01:30 (next day), Syros 02:15-02:35, Piraeus 06:20.

The itinerary on TUESDAY 14/01/20, from Piraeus 07:30 to Syros-Tinos-Mykonos & return, will be performed by F/B NISSOS CHIOS.

16/01/20 THURSDAY: the itinerary from Syros 10:15 to Kythnos-Kea-Lavrio, will not be performed, due to bad weather conditions.
17/01/20 FRIDAY: the itinerary from Lavrio 08:00 to Kea-Kythnos-Syros, will not be performed, due to bad weather conditions.
If the weather conditions are good, the vessel will depart on Friday 17/01/20, from Syros 13:30 to Paros-Naxos-Ios-Sikinos-Folegandros-Kimolos-Milos, as scheduled.

16/01/20 THURSDAY: the itinerary from Kavala 16:00 to Lemnos-Ag. Efstratios-Lavrio, will not be performed.



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