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Gold award for Attica Group at the Transport & Logistics Awards 2017

Attica Holdings SA (Attica Group), member of the Marfin Investment Group, is pleased to announce its Gold award at the Transport & Logistics Awards 2017 by PAEGAE, organised by the Supply Chain Institute and Boussias Communications.

At the ceremony held at the Athinais cultural centre, Attica Group received:

The Gold award in the Innovative Services section of the Passenger Transport category, for Eurail and Interrail Greek Islands Pass products.

Attica Group received the Gold award for creating the Eurail and Interrail Greek Islands Pass products. These are Passes that combine train and ferry transportation and allow passengers to travel on consecutive destinations, up to two between Italy-Greece and up to four to the Greek islands, paying a common fare. The railway trip from Patras port to the port of Piraeus is also included. The aim of this innovative service is to provide the holders with the flexibility to combine different means of transport and at the same time to simplify their combined voyage. Eurail and Interrail Greek Islands Pass holders travel with the comfort guaranteed by Attica Group vessels and they contribute to the increase of inbound tourism in Greece.

Attica Group engages in passenger shipping via the SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and AFRICA MOROCO LINKS (AML) companies, operating a total of 15 ships that provide modern, high quality transportation services in Greece and abroad. ATTICA GROUP is a member of the Marfin Investment Group, the largest Greek business group.


Athens, February 14 2017

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