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Double accolade for Attica Group at the 2016 Tourism Awards

Blue Star Ferries: Gold award for the Aegean Islands First Aid Scheme

Superfast Ferries: Silver award for the “20 Years of Superfast Ferries” campaign

Attica Group, a member of Marfin Investment Group (MIG) and the parent company of Superfast Ferries & Blue Star Ferries, is pleased to announce a double accolade at the 2016 Tourism Awards, organised by Boussias Communications.

At a ceremony held at the Athens Concert Hall, the Group’s companies received the following awards:

• A Gold award to Blue Star Ferries in the “Support for local communities/CSR Actions/First Aid Scheme” category

• A Silver award to Superfast Ferries in the “Corporate identity/Corporate reputation management/Branding” category for “20 Years of Superfast Ferries”

Blue Star Ferries received the Gold award for its “First Aid” scheme. The scheme is addressed (although not exclusively) to Greece’s most remote Aegean islands and includes first-aid seminars for permanent inhabitants in partnership with the Volunteer Crisis Rescue Team (VCRT) and the contribution of local bodies. The ultimate aim of the innovative programme is to create and train local rescue teams, as was successfully achieved in the case of the Amorgos VCRT.

The Silver award for the “20 Years of Superfast Ferries” campaign was an equally great accolade. The main aim of the campaign was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Superfast Ferries brand name with the company’s passengers and partners, with media coverage in Greece and abroad. The logo has been proudly displayed on the prows of Superfast ships and in every aspect of its communication strategy (print, internet and social media), marking the extremely successful development and presence of Superfast Ferries over the last 20 years on Europe’s seas, and the establishment of the name as a guarantee of quality in the mind of European ferry passengers.

Attica Group is active in the sector of passenger shipping with the Superfast Ferries and the Blue Star Ferries in the Adriatic Sea, and the Hellenic Sea Lines (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Northeastern Aegean Islands and Crete). The Attica Group fleet comprises 13 modern and technologically advanced vessels, offering high quality transportation services for passengers, cars and trucks.

Athens, 15 April 2016

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