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F/B Blue Star Patmos inauguration

With utter responsibly, reliably and through continuous development and a pioneering spirit, we are setting new standards in maritime travel. In this evolutionary course, BLUE STAR PATMOS is the latest, ultra modern addition to join the Blue Star Ferries fleet. 

BLUE STAR PATMOS was constructed at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co Ltd shipyards based on the latest technology available and was delivered in June 2012. The new vessel performed its first journey on the route: Piraeus – Chios – Mytilene on Tuesday 10th June 2012. The delivery ceremonies were implemented on Wednesday, June 11th at the ports of Chios and Mytilene in the presence of the Minister of Shipping, Mr. Kostis Mousouroulis, the president of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG), Mr. Andreas Vgenopoulos, local authorities and a large audience.

Blue Star Ferries has established a new era for maritime transport in Greece and continues by resisting to the country’s debt crisis with a 70 million Euro investment initiative, aiming at providing high quality services to its passengers through modern, new and fast vessels and contributing to the growth of Greece’s island economy.

During his speech regrading the vessel’s first journey, Mr. Spyros Paschalis, Managing Director of Attica Group, stated:

During these challenging times for our country and for the passenger shipping industry, our Company dared and succeeded in completing an investment of 140 million Euros for the construction of BLUE STAR PATMOS and BLUE STAR DELOS, which was inaugurated with ultimate success for the domestic lines of the Cyclades complex, proving that there are still opportunities for growth and development in our country.

Through the inauguration of BLUE STAR PATMOS, the Company will serve the country’s passenger shipping industry in the Aegean with 9 vessels of an average age of just 10 years, achieve traffic of 3.150.000 passengers for 2012 and implement more than 3.500 ferry routes.

We are particularly proud for this important achievement and for our contribution to the upgrading of the passenger shipping industry in Greece and would, thus, like to honor and express our gratitude to all our stakeholders, associates and partners on land and mainly to our on board crews for without their expertise our islands would be doomed to decay.”

Minister of Shipping, Mr. Kostis Mousouroulis, said:

Good fortune brought me here today with mixed and honest feelings. From the one hand, it is a great joy for me to inaugurate this route with the particular vessel during these financially and socially difficult times and on the other hand, awe at the possibilities that are presented to the maritime industry. An industry where Greece has thrived and has shown superiority on an international level.”

Mr Andreas Vgenopoulos, president of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG), parent company of Attica Group, mentioned:

We are all very pleased because we are here today on board one of the greatest vessels. We are proud as the most modern vessel in the world operates in Greece and is scheduled for the route Piraeus – Chios – Mytilene.”

Τhe vessel's technical specifications are:
Overall length 145, 9m - Width 23, 2m - Draft 5, 7m - Engine power 42.913 BHP or 32.000 KW - GRT 10.756 – Speed 26 miles/hour, Capacities: 2.000 passengers and 430 private vehicles or 60 trucks and 146 private vehicles.

In addition, the facilities of the vessel include 90 passenger cabins (326 beds), 405 air type seats, comfortable communal passenger spaces and all prerequisites in order to offer an elegant and pleasant journey regardless of weather conditions.

Athens, 11 July 2012

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