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Eight years anniversary for Blue Star Ferries on the Dodecanese route

Attica Group is pleased to announce the completion of 8 years of continuous and successful presence on the Dodecanese route.

The deployment of Blue Star vessels introduced high quality services, contributed to the growth of the route in terms of traffic as well as inbound tourism at highly competitive times for the tourism and leisure industries and has continued to do so throughout its eight-year presence on the route.

Blue Star Ferries commenced its service on the Piraeus-Dodecanese route on 22nd July, 2002, inaugurating a new era of sea travel to the Dodecanese by substantially reducing the journey time required and upgrading the quality of on board services offered.

In its eight years on the route, Blue Star has charted a most successful course carrying over 5.000 sailings, 4.781.663 passengers, 785.786 private vehicles and 366.660 freight units.

Blue Star Ferries operates in the Dodecanese route with 3 car-passenger ferries, BLUE STAR 1, BLUE STAR 2 and DIAGORAS with 1-2 daily itineraries.

Blue Star Ferries wishes to thank passengers and professional hauliers for making it their carrier of choice and will continue to offer its services for high-quality travel to the Dodecanese

Athens, July 22, 2010

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