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We protect ourselves and others from Corona Virus - We Stay Responsible!

Passengers shall not travel if they have symptoms of COVID-19 infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms) or have had contact with a COVID-19 patient within 14 days prior to the trip.


Passengers must comply with the following control measures during boarding:

  • Social Distancing

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between passengers (and simultaneous use of a mask[1]) should be observed. The ship's crew will oversee the boarding process and scrutinize the respect of the foreseen distances.

  • Completing the "Pre-boarding" form and submit it to the purser of the ship in charge together with the ticket during boarding and before departure
  • Touchless temperature screening  is implemented to all passengers before boarding


Passengers must necessarily comply with the following precautionary measures during the trip:

  • We keep wearing our mask[1] both in indoor areas as well as on the deck areas of the ship. We make sure that the mouth and nose are covered, we do not touch the mask while wearing it, we dispose of the mask immediately into a trash bin after use and we wash our hands.
  • We cover our coughing or sneezing with the inside of the elbow or with a paper towel which we dispose of it immediately throwing it into a trash bin.
  • We wash our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or an alcoholic solution and avoid contact of the hands with the face (eyes, nose, mouth). The use of gloves does not replace hand washing.
  • We keep safety distances from other passengers around us (> 1.5 meters).
  • We avoid crowded spaces.
  • We avoid contact with people who have symptoms of a respiratory infection.

Please see the respective flyer of the National Public Health Organization 

  • It is recommended that passengers arrive at the port of departure on time to facilitate the check-in process before boarding.
  • In case passengers experience respiratory symptoms during the trip they must report it immediately to the ship's crew.
  • If passengers develop respiratory symptoms after the trip, they should seek medical help immediately and inform their doctor about the history of the trip.


Based on the above, if the crew members who carry out the control measures during the boarding assess that:

  1. The passenger has symptoms which indicate a COVID-19 infection or
  2. the passengers’ answers on the "Pre-boarding" form before boarding indicate that there has been contact with a person with COVID-19 infection or
  3. the passenger refuses to use a mask1 on the ship

the the passenger will be denied boarding the ship and the applicable provisions for the use of tickets at a later date or for their cancellation will apply.

In cases (i) and (ii) the trip will be denied for 14 days or if the passenger has been ill he/she will have to provide a medical certificate stating that the criteria for the termination of precautionary measures for a patient with COVID-19 are met as defined by the National Public Health Organization.

[1] The use of a surgical mask is also acceptable, but it is recommended to use a tissue mask instead to ensure that the surgical masks are spared for medical staff. The mask with high breathing protection valve is not accepted for use by the general public.

Kallithea, 15 May, 2020

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